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Who we are


WE have a strong passion for old instruments. They speak to us. We find our joy in searching them out and then doing any and all adjustments and restorations required to make them sing once again. Each one has a story and a history, but we don't think their story has ended. We see it as our mission to find them, restore them and let you write their next chapter.

What We Do


WE spend our time searching across the globe, purchasing and restoring the best instruments available from the early 20th century. Not all of them are resto's, some we just need to clean and set up. Either way, we love to give old instruments the attention they have earned. Then we price them fairly and meticulously pack and ship them to you, with our flat $75 insured rate on guitars

including our one of a kind "white glove" shipping service.

Our Commitment to you


WE ensure that every instrument you purchase from us has been thoroughly cared for and set up by our expertly trained and experienced luthier. He loves them almost as much as we do. Only when we are both satisfied do we carefully pack, and ship your instrument with our "white glove" service to be certain these pieces of history arrive with the dignity and care they have earned. 

The truth is, it's often hard to part with these jewels since we only sell instruments we would love to own ourselves.

Our Latest Find


Check Out These Beauties!

The Complete Set

Early Gibson L-Series

SO, this 1944 war era Gibson L-00 is the pinnacle of cool vintage vibe. We have had her all checked out; a couple of small surface cracks repaired and professionally set up by our luthier. The wear and the look, not to mention the sound of this beauty are incomparable. These don't come around every day so jump on this one! 

The Gibson L-series from the vintage era is one of our favorite finds. We were ecstatic when we found our L-00's cousin. She needed some TLC but is now an absolutely beautiful 1929 L-0. She's a totally repaired and cleaned marvel of aged mahogany.   She'll bring out your best Robert Johnson. Check her out!

The L-1 previously listed has sold so don't miss out on these last 2 beauties!

Remember these are one of a kind instruments. 

If you hesitate, it may be gone.

What's New(s)?


Be On The Look Out

Coming Soon! 

We've got a very cool 1985 Black Gibson ES 335 currently being inspected and set up. We should post shortly

We just posted an amazingly clean Loar Era Gibson A Mandolin Snakehead. It's a beauty and as clean as a whistle.

We've got a 1934 Martin 00-17 that is being cleaned and set up as well. Keep your eyes open for this gem!

There's also a very rare 1949 Epiphone Zephyr Spanish Hollow-body that we fell in love with. Wait til you see this one! Coming soon.

We've posted an amazingly clean 1965 Gibson B-25. If you are looking for a relatively small vintage guitar, great to play, at a great value, this would be your go-to. Check it out!

We Found one! A 1951 Gibson CF-100. She's in great overall shape but being cleaned and set up. Look for this one soon!

And there are many others en route or with our luthier

Check back often as these finds are constantly coming and going.  Don't miss out.



  • How Do You Choose Your Instruments?

WE love older instruments, particularly guitars. We look for instruments that need love and a good home. Then we provide them the TLC they deserve to get them in tip-top playing condition. Our focus period is between 1900 and 1979. But we occasionally go on either side of that. Once and a while we also find what we call, "Not Yet Vintage" instruments that we think are special. We look them over, make sure they’re great “players” and then sell them to you.

  • What is "White Glove" delivery service?

WE do not farm out our packing and shipping function . We meticulously pack each and every instrument ourselves. We use only our approved shipper. We insure and carefully track your package. We’ve found that no one loves and cares for these guitars as much as we do. We have developed a hands-on process that cares for your instrument every step of the way. We like to think we do a little more than other sellers in providing this level of delivery care for every single instrument. We do it because they mean that much to us.

Check This Out

Do You Love Old Things as Much As We Do?

At Vintage Guitars and Gear we bring you the best rotating stock of early 20th century instruments.

Our selection of instruments is changing all the time.  We are opportunistic and always on the lookout. They come and they go, so don't miss out.

Check Back Often

The Last Stop


Our goal is to find and sell only the best vintage guitars. Occasionally we find one that is not to our high standard, but we see it as a classic, nice player-worthy of a caring home. We don't fully restore these guys. We take them and put them into top playing condition and then sell them at true bargain prices. Don't expect them to be beauty pageant winners or to be showroom fresh. But you can expect them to be checked out, set-up and fun to play. 

Instruments at the Last Stop will be nice instruments at great prices. They will come and go quickly---We will only have them when we have them---So if it peaks your interest...Don't wait. You can search them out in our Vintage Store. Our hope is that you will connect with one and make your place "the last stop" for these worthy road warriors. 

Not Yet Vintage Deals


Once and a while we find one that isn't quite vintage but is a great instrument at a great price. Check these out!

Also, note the 1994  Limited Edition Gibson Harley Davidson model that is now listed. A special version of the J-180. Great looks and incredible sound!

Check these and others out by clicking into our Vintage Store page. Look for the "Not Yet Vintage" link.

Contact Us

We pay cash and handle all the details if you'd like us to give a new home to your vintage guitar. Send us an email. Or, is there a dream guitar you would like us to help you find? Send us an email. Do you have questions or need additional info on any of our listings? Send us an email!

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